About Bbq Wise Smarter

BbqWiseBbq Wise author, Andre Niemand, will keep you updated on the latest and newest trending barbecue innovations. You think you know it all? So did Andre, only to find newer trends,tools, techniques and the digital era! WHOA!

To Bbq or grill is probably far older than the word ‘whoah’that only evolved around 1620 into Middle English. It comes from the word ‘ho’as a command to slow down or draw your horse to a stop. So, WHOA! Stop the horse! We have come a long way, the principle is the same, but the STYLE has changed!

So, everybody is an expert at his own barbecue, it just becomes more difficult as the alcohol flows, to keep abreast of better knowing bystanders quickly becoming expert grillmasters! Everybody has their own way of doing things! I like doing it my way!

I always put them jokingly into place:’If you cut the meat and there is blood,then you have overcooked it! You have damaged the red cells!’

Born in South Africa, bred into a culture of ‘braai’ or ‘bbq,’ name it, I have done it! With a father,that was a butcher in his heyday, processing meat, fish, poultry and making food, was soon second nature from a very young age. I still believe that South African sausage ‘boerewors’ is the best in the world, but you need to use your own sausage maker! Now living in UK the bbq parties have decreased, yes, blame the weather! So we need to barbeque wiser and smarter and have more impact to show off!

This is why BbqWise, brand soon to be trademarked, was founded as part of the company, Andresco.

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