BBQ Grill Mat (2) – multipurpose,baking,reusable,non stick

BBQ Grill MatThis BBQ Grill Mat has been made with the selective specification of length and thickness for the best effectiveness of its purpose.since everybody has a different requirement we have chosen 17X14 inches for size so that it can be easily cut into any size desired.

We have added extra PTFE layers in our matt because there can be issues with the edges fraying once they are in use and subjected to heat.

The nonstick surfacing serves to bind the mats together, and the thicker mats with multiple coats are far more durable.The important characteristic of the BBQ Grill Mat is the thickness since The PTFE sheet needs to be thick enough to both gather and dissipate heat.

So if the BBQ Grill Mat is too thick, it won’t heat evenly across the entire surface before it begins to release the heat upward. This will result in an uneven cooking surface, which means it will produce unpredictable cooking results.

If the BBQ Grill Mat is too thin, it will gather heat too rapidly and will very likely burn through. after trial and error 0.20mm was found the most suitable thickness for good cooking results.

Price: $11.95

BBQ Grill Mat