Grill Brush and Scraper Brush 3 in 1

Grill Brush Do you love grilling ? But find the cleaning of stuck grease so much of work? Take a try on this X-Chef BBQ Grill Brush!
-Best designed handle!
Designed 45 degree incline and an extra long 18″ handle, the brush allows you to reach and clean the toughest spots with ease.
-Not a single mark will be left on your grill!
The X-Chef BBQ Grill Brush alternatively has a unique set of safe, strong bristles which offer industrial strength, the bristles are a unique 360 degree design which allows you to clean the top and sides in a single stroke, excellent cleaning performance with bare damage or scratching to grill grates.

Here X-Chef will give you some tips for your GRILL BRUSH SAFETY.
-All brushes wear out eventually. If the bristles begin to come loose, it’s time for a replacement. After every use with the brush, wipe down the grate with a wet cloth to check if any bristles have come off and got stuck to the bars.

Size: 18″
Material: #201 wire+ #410 holder + PP covered handle
Premium: 1* BBQ Grill Brush, 1*smaller brush with blade, 1*silicone brush

Our Customer Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the grill brushes just return it within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked, no hassle.
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Price: $39.98

Grill Brush